I, James Au – owner of Lazy Panda, first landed in Bangkok in 2017 for a brief vacation. I found myself falling in love with the city as many foreigners often do. The warm weather, the wonderful people, and the buzzing city life, it was perfect. Coming from one of the coldest states in the US, I knew I had to move here… so I did.​

While living here the biggest downside was missing foods from back home. Bangkok is known for having every cuisine on Earth but when it came to American Chinese food… Let’s just say it wasn’t up to par and I was craving it – badly.

Bangkok is considered affordable but eating foreign foods regularly isn’t. Foreign foods are often priced at or above levels in the US and the portions are smaller as well. I’m not a fan of small portion sizes. It’s common occurrence in Bangkok, but when I get a food I like, I want lots of it.​

It was also difficult to get food that I would consider healthy at a fair price. By healthy I mean big chunks of meat and real vegetables. I’m talking broccoli, cauliflower, celery, bell peppers, zucchini, etc… Thai dishes don’t often feature these, and you aren’t getting any with a burger.​

And so, after much thought, the concept of Lazy Panda began…

Where We Come From

     I was born and raised in restaurants and come from a family of restaurant owners. My Grandpa owned restaurants in Hong Kong and when my family immigrated to the US, my parents opened their own restaurant as well.

My parents, Peter and Lorna Au successfully opened 7+ restaurants with their own franchise. After a period of over 30 years in the business, they sold off their restaurants and set off into retirement.​

After only 2 years in retirement my Mom, Lorna, got bored and wanted to start something new. While on vacation visiting me in Bangkok, we discussed the lack of American Chinese food and the opportunity to serve our food to the people of Bangkok.​

We would adapt the concept locally but maintain the taste exactly, address the pain points I felt while living here, and introduce proper American Chinese food.

And here we are today. Lorna and I truly look forward to serving you and hope you’ve been craving this as much as we have.     

James Au

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